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Why you should buy an unpackaged wine

Taste fully the good wine!
Purchasing and drinking an unpackaged wine is probably a new way of adding wine to your meals, but it is also a way to go back to the origins that are now forgotten.
New because it gives us the possibility to save on an everyday expense without give up on quality and authenticity that are guaranteed by professional and certified companies. Savings for the end costumer have been estimated between 40% and 60%.
Purchasing an unpackaged wine means that the customer is buying the content and and not the container, avoiding to pay also for corks,

labels, seals, packaging and bottles that would otherwise be thrown away after use. In this way the wine is cheaper and we are taking our part in helping the environment via reducing the waste and the transports.
Since 2000 the amount of packages that have been thrown away has increased by 9% that is a million of tons (Source: Coldiretti).
Traditional because it is the same of purchasing directly from the wine cellar, shortening the supply chain that brings the product from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

Moreover it reminds of the 'tavern' (osteria or fraschettain Italian) where each of us have bought a nice wine for everyday meals at least once.
The barrels used for storing the wine are made of stainless steel to ensure high hygiene and quality. In addition, our policy establishes frequent restocking and accurate cleaning of the barrels before every unloading. For this reason our wines are always fresg and the use of preservatives is not needed. These substances are frequently used from large retailers and are the main cause of many allergies and intolerances for most customers.


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